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BION Fungi Stop to control the growth of fungi in non-climacteric fruit


Courtesy of Bioconservacion SA

Bioconservacion presents a new product developed specifically for postharvest non-climacteric fruit preservation, especially citrus fruits and pineapple.

The results of a recent survey carried out by the University of Costa Rica show that the BION Fungi Stop contributes to controlling the proliferation of fungi and bacteria in non-climacteric fruit (including pineapple and citrus fruits) by eliminating the chemical signals caused by VOCs (such as ethanol, formaldehyde, limonene, etc.) and fungi spores suspended in the atmosphere.

Like the rest of Bioconservacion's postharvest product range, it is a non-invasive solution that, as it does not enter into direct contact with the fruit, allows it to maintain its organoleptic characteristics intact. The Bioconservacion technology is approved for use with ecological/organic products under the European RCE No. 834/2007 and American NOP regulations.

It has also been corroborated that the new BION Fungi Stop contributes a homogeneous degreening of the fruit, which gives it added commercial value.

The new Fungi Stop is available in F100 filters and sachets for the preservation of non-climacteric fruit during sea or over land transport, and in PP18 modules for ETH (Ethylclean) machines that contribute to sanitising the air and preserving the non-climacteric fruit during its storage.

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