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Blueberry Farm Bird Protection Tips


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It’s everyone’s favorite time of year! The leaves are turning green, the sun is staying out later and the birds have migrated north for the summer. Well, if you’re a blueberry farmer, you know that the latter may cause some headaches for your prosperous berries. Birds, like humans, love the taste of these berries and will go to great lengths to get their fair share of the tasty fruit.

Follow these useful tips to help protect your blueberry farm from those pesky birds this spring.

Plant Additional Berries

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em right? The fact of the matter is that birds will always be hunting for your precious fruit. Sometimes the best solution is to just prepare for them by planting more blueberries than you’ll need.

While this method can work, there is always the problem of additional costs that come along with planting more berries than necessary.

Employ a Predator

A fake owl or scarecrow can be a good temporary option when trying to hoard away those annoying birds. When birds see this, they are less willing to come around because of the predator presence.

It is important to remember that this is only a good temporary option. Over time, birds are able to figure out that your fake predator is harmless. To overcome this, try putting your guard in numerous places. If you keep your fake owl in the same location, birds are able to conclude that it’s fake and it essentially just becomes another lawn decoration.

Build a Bird Bath

A huge reason why birds attack your berries isn’t because they are hungry. It is because they are thirsty. Due to the high water content in blueberries, birds flock towards them to get the water they are so desperately looking for.

Building a bird bath next to or around your blueberries can deter birds from attacking your fruit and give them what they really want; water. It is crucial to constantly refill and monitor your bird bath because once those pesky birds figure out where to get a steady water supply, they will constantly come back for more.

Use Avian Control to Protect Your Blueberry Farm

While all of these methods work in their own right, they do have some cons to go along with them. Using Avian Control Bird Repellent around your blueberry farm is the most humane and cost-effective way to control those pesky birds and make sure they never come back. The repellent not only relieves your farm of birds, but it protects the integrity of the berries.

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