Brazilian Dairy with Space Constraints

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Courtesy of Biowater Technology AS

Case Study of a Brazilian Dairy - Space Constraints

The Challenge:  The customer is a producer of dairy products including:  milk, cheese, sour cream, butter and yogurt.  In Sao Paulo City as in many large cities, the industries have to pay to discharge to the municipal wastewater system.  The dairy was no exception.  The immediate challenges they were facing were scaling issues and the lack of space to expand their treatment plant. 

The Design:  The customer's existing process was equalization and DAF flotation, one tank and a DAF that was out of service.  Unfortunately, there was no room for additional tankage.  Biowater assessed the situation with their partner in Brazil, Acqua Engenharia.  It was decided that the Biowater CMFF (MBBR) Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor process was chosesn because of it's small footprint and low maintenance.  The one tank was divided into two covered MBBR tanks.  The existing DAF is now used as a secondary DAF.

Achievements:  By choosing the Biowater CMFF (MBBR) process combined with DAF separation the client was able to build the plant as compact as they had planned and still achieve the effluent quality that they were aiming for.  At start up the plant started having wave problems so the crew had to open up some 'breathing holes'  which stopped the waves.  In addition, foaming occurred which was predicted.  Anti-foam products were used and handled the problem.

Customer comments

  1. By Samia Saad on

    this is an ingenious way to upgrade the final treatment of a high organic load dairy wastewater. the missing data about the final effluent characteristics is important to be mentioned as well as the wastewater feeding the treatment plant.