Building with Nature Indonesia - reaching scale for coastal resilience


Courtesy of Wetlands International

Through “Building with Nature” we envision a safe delta coastline in Northern Java which enables vulnerable communities and economic sectors to prosper, be more self-reliant and resilient against hazards.

Java’s coastline suff ers from severe erosion. Millions of people at risk of flooding.

Northern Java’s deltaic shorelines suff er from land subsidence and severe erosion, in some places more than three kilometers of land has already been taken by the sea. This is mainly caused by removal of mangrove belts, unsustainable coastal infrastructure and aquaculture and groundwater extraction. Catastrophic fl ooding occurs during high tides, storm surges and periods of excessive rainfall. In the long term, over 30 million people face the risk of losing their houses, roads, and valuable arable land.

Dams and sea walls as a single solution, are ineff ective in muddy coasts.

Hard structures like dams and sea walls have proven to be ineff ective as a single solution along rural mud-coasts and often exacerbate erosion. They also tend to be expensive and unstable as they are incapable of adapting to climate change. Furthermore, they fail to provide the vital economic, environmental and social services that healthy mangrove belts provide.

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