Can LED Time Travel – How Vertical Farming And LED Grow Lights Can Pave The Way To Food Security

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LED and time travel, what does that mean? In the world of plant science, it translates to productivity and references LED Grow Light’s performance levels. These amazing lights manufactured by Veggie Fresh LED are made with tiny chips called LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) and they grow plants indoors. Of course they don’t actually travel through time but because of their advanced indoor grow capabilities, they do reset the clock on how we grow produce, going back to a day when everything we ate was not genetically modified.

Solid state lighting or LED is also transporting us to a future where every grocery store, restaurant, hotel, school, hospital and the most remote locations can have their own organic garden with heritage or heirloom seeds. And this process is totally sustainable and completely healthy with no side effects.

Veggie Fresh is a technology company in the horticultural lighting business and is doing constant research about sustainable growing practices and how it affects our ability to feed the populace. Some professionals suggest 20 story skyscrapers dedicated to vertical food farming and this is an amazing direction, but still very expensive.

One suggestion I will make is to review our existing supply of outdated and abandoned government buildings. Most Americans don’t realize that that Uncle Sam is sitting on a ridiculous amount of surplus real estate. And they are in every major city in the USA, warehouses, schools, old factories, former driver bureaus, etc. These buildings are not being used, there is no tax revenue, and many times are a blight in the market because of the lack of care and maintenance. Also they are paid for, so lets take these properties and do a national map of locations and create a food production network.

Jobs – there are tens of thousands of jobs ready to go as we become a country that produces our own food again instead of subcontracting out half of our food production to other countries like Mexico. Combining this LED technology with solar is one of the self reliant answers and horticultural lights can run off of AC or DC current. So generators and wind is an option as well.

Veggie Fresh’s LED Grow Light Systems can solve many problems in the USA and around the world. We just need to get focused on what our current assets are and utilize them properly. The future is here and we need to get much healthier. A move back in time to more nutritious food is one direction and using current technology allows us to race ahead to assist humanity in a larger, more controlled grow environment. To clarify, most of these gardens use a combination of natural sunlight and the addition of LED will be to supplement not replace. This also increases season to 12 months a year and 24 hours a day if they choose.

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