Carlo genetics boar barn case study


Courtesy of Nordevco Associates Ltd.

The Challenge: Ammonia levels in the unit were approximately 38 – 40 ppm (as measured by Carlo staff), even with the use of a liquid bacterial pit treatment and solids accumulation in the pit was creating an on-going maintenance problem

The Objective Of The Treatment: Reduce ammonia levels in the barn, improve air quality, and reduce solids in the pits making pit maintenance easier. It is clear from the graph that ammonia levels that were in the range of 36 to 43 ppm prior to the treatment dropped once treatment started and were continuing to trend even lower when monitoring stopped.

The Results Of The Treatment In Thewords Of The George Goosen, Co-Owner Of Carlo Genetics: “Bio4Swine really reduces the ammonia levels in my barns. That makes them a better and healthier workplace. My staff notices and appreciates the improved working conditions and if my staff benefits so do my boars. Using Bio4Swine has also had an impact on my slurry stores. My neighbours don’t even notice anymore when I pump my slurry store and spread the slurry on my fields.”

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