Case study - Broadpath Compost Facility


Courtesy of Celtic Bioenergy Limited (CBE Limited)

Facility Owner: Devon Co. Co. / Viridor Waste Management
Contact: Mr Graham Sheperd, Devon Co. Co.
Location: Broadpath Landfill, Uffculme, Devon, England
Contact: 00-353-21-462-1721
Site Area: 1.2 acres
Feed stock: Source separated household organics (landscape, food, paper, wood)
Capacity: 10,000 tpa
Commissioned: May, 2006

Facility History

The facility is built adjacent to the existing landfill site at Broadpath in Devon. The contract was awarded through a competitive tender by Devon Co. Co. The facility will be operated on behalf of the Council by Viridor Waste Management. It is designed to process the domestic bio-waste generated by the 32,000 households in the mid- Devon area through a combined tunnel and ASP composting process.

Processing Equipment

Weighbridge; 2 x telescopic loader with 3 cubic meter buckets; 75kW electric driven auger shredder/ mixer for feedstock preparation and loading of in-vessel tunnels; Four x 200 cubic meter concrete tunnels with reversible and recirculating air-flows. Eight below grade aerated static pile curing zones with negative aeration to a biofilter and scrubber to treat odours from both the tunnels and aerated static pile curing system; 12mm trommel screen; and product storage area. The entire process is controlled by a remote access computer and PLC.

Composting Process and Residence Time

Feedstock is a mixture of household organics. The feedstock is blended and mixed with screening overs or woodchip, then loaded into the in-vessel tunnels for two weeks of initial composting. Each batch is 100-120 metric tonnes. After the in-vessel phase, the feedstock is re-heated for a second time and temperature regime in the aerated static pile curing sytem for 8-10 weeks. After the curing period, the product is screened for distribution.

Financial Summary

This facility was constructed for ₤1,400,000 including all ground works, civils, mechanical and mobile plant but excluding land costs.

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