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Case study - Cedar Greenhouse


Courtesy of Polysolar Limited

System kWp: 1.08
Area: 24.96
Inverter: SMA Soladin 600
Modules Used: PS-C-901 Transparent

The custom built cedar greenhouse had been designed to accept 12 of Polysolar's 90 W transparent modules. Polysolar supplied the panels and all electrical balance of system.


Supply only 12 90w transparent modules and electrical system for a bespoke built cedar lean-too greenhouse.


Polysolar worked with the customers selected contractors to offer an additional system to his solar portfolio. The cedar greenhouse with the Polysolar modules as the roof skin offer a multi purpose greenhouse solution and allow the customer to grow plants in  controlled environment whilst offsetting electricity bills. The cedar greenhouse generates the customer circa. 1100 kWh/annum.

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