Case study - DACS` ventilation gives excellent hock and podo scores


Courtesy of DACS A/S

Jamie Curston from Hooks Drove, Cambridgeshire, England, manages a 500,000 + bird farm equipped with a complete climate solution from DACS. The eight houses were commissioned in October 2014 and have been running flawlessly ever since.

Jamie is an experienced manager who has been working in the poultry business for the last 12 years. For the first time on a farm equipped with a ventilation system from DACS.

- Unlike other ventilation systems I have been working with in the past, with DACS after one hour of unloading chicks, the whole shed is covered and there are no bunches or groups of birds being cold or uncomfortable and it remains so throughout the production.

Plenty of oxygen
- The DACS ventilation system creates a constant flow of preheated air throughout the shed which keeps the litter dry - which in turn gives us excellent hock and podo scoring. I never have problems with my litter and the constant flow of preheated air provides the birds with plenty of oxygen. Dry litter and plenty of oxygen to my birds simply allow the birds to utilize their full genetic potential.

Direct access to my farm
- With the remote access and the easy to use ACS6 net management system it is great to be able to check in and see how sheds are performing. I either go online from my office or, when I am not on the farm, via my smart phone or tablet. I am always close to my production and that is a good feeling.

Data storing
- With the DACS data archive you are able to look back at all previous crops and compare how your sheds were reacting to certain conditions and try to see why some crops were better or worse than others by comparing graph data from crop to crop for ventilation and temperature or any other production figure.

Another 350,000+ broiler farm with 7 houses in Suffolk, East Anglia equipped with DACS ventilation has managed to produce 5 consecutive crops with a European Production Efficiency Factor (EPEF) score of 400 plus. Jamie is close to the EPEF 400 and is confident that he has the tools needed to bring Hooks Drove into the EPEF top 400 league.

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