Case study - Finally - a fan for the 21st century


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Travis Luther, owner of Forcefield, designs and builds Advanced Greenhouse Climate Solutions in southern Oregon, USA. He bought MagFans for his greenhouses and he is impressed with the powerful, efficient and quiet fan.

- Being in a hot dry climate, we rely on evaporative cooling to keep the temperature from climbing to detrimental levels in the summer. This requires massive air flow to evaporate enough water to create the cooling. One of the big problems we have in our industry over here is noise pollution from all of the greenhouse fans.

Also, the many hours of continuous fan operation raised two primary concerns:

  • Energy consumption
  • Service life

Searching for solutions

For Travis it was a long and fruitless search because all of the fans on the market were basically versions of the same thing: A sheet metal box with stamped blades and an inefficient drive belt and pulley system. Travis discovered the MagFan after years of searching for a fan that was powerful, efficient and quiet.

- When I first laid eyes on a MagFan, I thought: Finally - a fan for the 21st century!

Efficient operation

- MagFan has eliminated the noise issue due to its advanced airflow technology. Standing outside I now hear just the quiet sound of smooth powerful airflow. And the fans really are completely maintenance free. Motors stay cool to the touch even after days of continuous duty, and the running cost is a fraction of what it cost me to run the traditional fans.

MagFan is flexible

- Around my farm, with many temporary and seasonal structures, MagFan’s light weight makes it possible for a few of us to simply move it between structures to add powerful airflow in minutes when the need arises. The installation is a simple single phase connection, and the fan has in-built motor protection. So we just plug it in and it runs. A dead simple worry free solution.

- MagFan works in any situation and satisfies a wide range of clients and their differing needs because it is so flexible in how it integrates with other systems. People are excited to hear that as their level of automation increases, they will gain access to new features such as the variable speed control of the MagFan.

Tremendous savings

Travis is delighted to see a significant reduction in the energy consumption as a result of his investment in new technology:

- At full flow MagFan’s power consumption is one third of what the conventional fans used, and due to the loss free speed control I save even more the minute I run at less than 100 % capacity. I am extremely pleased with my new MagFans and excited to see a new era in air movement begin, Travis Luther says.

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