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Case study - Growers Transplanting, Inc., Salinas, California, USA


Courtesy of Sidel Systems USA Inc.

“Sidel Systems approached us about six years ago with a proposal to help reduce our natural gas heating bills by installing one of their SRU condensers. I was very skeptical. I had heard claims from vendors for everything from retractable curtains to boiler tubulators and found them to be greatly exaggerated with respect to fuel savings.

However, two years ago when we needed to replace a 400 HP boiler we decided to have Sid do the job and include a flue gas condenser.

The effects were surprising to say the least. We were actually able to stop running two 3,300,000 BTU boilers due to the increased efficiency of the boiler with the condenser.

I was so impressed that we installed a second condenser on a boiler at one of our other facilities. This year we installed a third condenser, an SRU 50 from Sidel and it’s working every day saving us even more money.

This is without a doubt, in my opinion, the most efficient and cost effective way to cut fuel costs. Thanks to Sid Abma and Sidel Systems for a fantastic product and first rate service and installation!”

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