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Courtesy of DACS A/S

Urs Berger from Switzerland is an experienced pig farmer and he and his family is the second generation on the 250 acres farm in the village Oberbottigen. In 2013 he installed the DACS ventilation system in a new pig house - housing 1000 pigs for fattening. In the new house the pigs have access to an outdoor enclosure. Nevertheless they often choose to stay indoor - thanks to the very efficient ventilation system, Urs Berger believes.

- The ventilation works well. The indoor climate is good and the pig house is dry. The system from DACS is very different to the systems I’ve read about before, and when I first read about it, it was obvious to me that there is vast know-how and experience behind the development of the system, says Urs Berger, who - after doing some more homework on ventilation systems - decided to install the DACS system.

Ventilation without draft

- I focused on getting a ventilation system, where there was no draught around the openings to the outdoor area. If draught occurs in this area then the animals only reluctantly pass through the opening. DACS solved this challenge by balancing pressure in the pig house very close to normal atmospheric pressure. Hereby both draught and uncontrolled loss of heat through the openings is avoided. The ventilation system aerates the pigs’ lying area with temperate, dry air and a relatively high speed of air. This keeps the lying area dry and removes pollutants such as CO2 - without creating draught.

Clean, calm pigs

- Pigs are sensitive animals and it is very easy to see if anything in their environment is wrong: they get nervous and aggressive and start to bite each other’s tails or defecate where they normally do not, Urs Berger explains.

Thus the pigs’ behavior is a good guideline of the conditions in the pig house. The climate in the house makes the animals thrive at Urs Berger’s place: the pigs are clean and calm, there is no tail-biting, the floors are dry and daily gain is absolutely acceptable.

- To me the fact that the animals choose to stay indoor even in good weather is a proof that the ventilation system creates a really good climate in my pig house. As a matter of fact the air in the pig house is so good that I do not smell of pig after my daily work in the house. This is another good evidence of the system’s ability to ventilate the house. I am satisfied, Urs Berger says.

Urs Berger is not the only person who is satisfied with the results the ventilation creates in the pig house. Hans Liniger from Schweinstallbau-Beratungsbüro, who has built Urs Bergers pig house, says:

- When the animals’ metabolism is high, they produce a lot of moisture and heat, and it requires significant air exchange to dispose this saturated air. The DACS Corona ventilation unit mixes fresh, oxygenated air and warm room air and distributes this pre-heated air in the house in precise measures. The incoming air brings oxygen to the animals while eliminating the excess heat and moisture from the house which thereby remains dry and comfortable. This is essential to achieve + 950 grams daily weight gain.

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