Case study - I saw a good investment and went for it


Courtesy of DACS A/S

Volodymyr Taratunskiy and his family from the village Kyrnasivka in the Vinnitsa region in Ukraine has been in the poultry business for 20 years. They produce and sell breeders and chicken.

- It is a tough and volatile market, and the only thing I can do is to stay competitive. I always look for the best possible investments and I constantly try to optimize my business, Volodymyr Taratunskiy says.

All birds are kept in cages and one of the main issues here is that the birds have only little movability in a cage. This is especially challenging for a ventilation system since draught on the birds will hurt performance.

- All the ventilation systems I knew of had side wall inlets from where the air entered the house. No matter how much I adjusted the ventilation, the air from the side wall inlets always caused a problem. Especially during winter when the cold air hit the birds I could really see a drop in performance in these parts of the cage system.


Therefore Volodymyr Taratunskiy went to talk to one of his colleagues who had bought a new and different system from DACS in Denmark for some layer houses. A quite different system with roof mounted inlets that - when needed during the colder periods - mix the incoming air with warm room air from the house.

- I got quite convinced about the system after visiting my colleague, since he also had the traditional systems with side wall inlets. There was no doubt that the roof mounted system just did a better job. To this my colleague claimed that he had reduced his cost for heating by up to 40 %.


Now three years later the DACS ventilation system at Volodymyr Taratunskiys place has been running for 26 month. The system has surpassed all his expectations - and the 40 % cut in heat consumption is there. One should think that this would affect the climate in the house, but Volodymyr Taratunskiy has only positive things to say about the system.

- The 40 % cut in heating is there, and I have a very stable climate in the house at any time of the year. The air quality is very good, there is absolutely no draught and the constant flow of air ensures that the house is dry. With my DACS system I will be able to stay competitive since I have reduced my cost and the birds in this house perform better. I saw a good investment and went for it, Volodymyr Taratunskiy says.

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