Case study - KSFA onsite systems classroom training


Courtesy of Bio-Microbics, Inc.

Installer: Kansas Small Flows Association Participants
Instructor: Allison Biodig, REHS

In August of 2009, around 40 participants were able to take part in the KSFA (Kansas Small Flows Association) 'Classroom Training' workshop that taught the fundamentals of Drip Irrigation and Sand Filter onsite wastewater septic systems.

The workshop, designed as an introduction to onsite systems, is taught by professionals that manufacturer or uses this latest technology. The participants learn a basic understanding of onsite systems, the benefits, and costs associated with the systems, as well as system designs, pressure distribution, hands-on training, and operation and maintenance requirements of the different types of systems available.

The workshop covered topics in how to design and install Aerobic Treatment Units (such as the MicroFAST® Wastewater Treatment System) with the components of Sand Filter Systems and the operation and maintenance of the system.

Allison Blodig, REHS, Manager.of Regulatory* -Affairs and Special Projects at Bio-Microbics, gave the presentation about the residential MicroFAST® system (donated by the manufacturer, Bio-Microbics, Inc.) and supervised the installation work. The MicroFAST® system, installed directly into the pre-existing septic tank, treats the influent wastewater and provides high-quality effluent with lower levels of nitrogen to the bottomless sand-filter drain field, making it a complete system safe for the environment.

About the Association

The Kansas Small Flows Association (KSFA) is .composed of people involved both directly and indirectly with the onsite wastewater industry. System installers, manufacturers, suppliers, real estate professionals, lenders, engineers, builders, developers, sanitarians, regulators, extension service and natural resource conservation service personnel are all active association members. The goal of the association is to establish uniform standards for the treatment and disposal of onsite wastewater in Kansas and provide educational opportunities for industry professionals.

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