Case study - Low feed consumption – excellent growth


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Ann Andersen from Denmark has been a poultry producer since 1997. She has had the DACS ventilation system in both old, leaking buildings and in the new poultry houses built in 2010. Her chicken are healthy, they grow well and an examination of the animals has shown that their tracheas are clear as glass, which indicates that the air they breathe is fresh and oxygen-rich.

- Right from the start I have worked hard to optimize my production as I can only make a living from producing chicken if my animals thrive. I constantly work to stay ahead and I can see it is worthwhile.

After a snowstorm early in 2010 Ann Andersen’s existing buildings were heavily damaged. The buildings had to be torn down and new buildings were built. This of course has made some things easier, but the day to day challenges with the birds are the same.

- No two flocks of chicken are alike, so every time I get new animals it is a new examination.

Uniform temperature all year

Ann installed the DACS ventilation system in the old poultry houses since this was the only system that could properly ventilate these buildings.

- The old buildings were very leaky and the existing negative pressure system could not handle the task, but I was convinced that a system from DACS could help me create a good climate in my poultry houses. The system worked as expected, so I did not hesitate to install DACS ventilation in the three new poultry houses.

- With a ventilation system from DACS I have a very flexible ventilation system that keeps set points no matter outside conditions. I never think of the consequences of bad weather in relation to the climate in the house. I mix the incoming air with warm air from the house to maintain the desired climate. The climate in my houses is always comfortable, and the temperature is uniform all over the house. I do not fear extreme winter or hot summer days, as I know that with the DACS ventilation system I have the tools to create the indoor climate I want for my animals.

Excellent production results

Ann Andersen’s production results are at the top of the scale. This, of course, is caused by the quality of both the day old animals, the feed and the water, but - says Ann Andersen - absolutely also the by the quality of the air in the poultry houses.

- The proof that the air in my houses is extremely good was given to me in 2013 when I had the health of my animals examined. This was done when the animals were 21 days old. Elanco Animal Health Denmark performed the dissection of the chickens, and noted that they had never seen tracheas that healthy looking. The tracheas from my animals were clear like glass where they are normally found to be milky-white.The reason was attributed to the quality of air in the buildings. Healthy looking tracheas indicate that the animals live in optimum conditions where clean oxygen-rich air is added through their entire growth period. The good quality of air helps develop the birds’ lungs and thereby optimize their metabolism.

Ann produces nine batches of chicken on a yearly basis. The birds are slaughtered at day 34. Ann uses peat for litter in the poultry houses. She uses 600-800 grams/m3 and only adds litter if there has been diseases in the batch.

Case study - Low feed consumption – excellent growth

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