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Case study - Pelton Reforestation Ltd., Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada


Courtesy of Sidel Systems USA Inc.

“In 1986 our company used Sidel Systems to design and install a complete hot water heating system in our 135,000 sq./ft. greenhouse. The system was comprised of 51mm heating loops, headers with computer controlled mixing valves, and a 500 HP gas fires Cleaver Brooks Boiler outfitted with a matching flue gas condenser unit. Over the next 3 years we added additional greenhouse space and the boiler and condenser now serve a total of 375,000 sq./ft. The system has operated flawlessly since the initial installation and we are very happy with the total cost of ownership.

The flue gas condenser unit is an integral part of the system, providing C02 reduction and substantial energy savings. Through judicious use of the condenser we have been able to heat 20% of our growing area for essentially no cost. This has translated into huge energy savings for our company.

Over the years the energy savings has paid for the condenser unit many times over. Maintenance of the unit has been minimal on a yearly basis, but after 18 years of service the lower portion of the unit built from cordon steel required replacement. This was easily achieved in a few days with our own staff doing the welding. The waterside of the condenser containing stainless steel fin pipes is still in perfect condition and is still in use today. Our next project will definitely include another Sidel Systems SRU Condenser unit!”

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