Case study - Sam’s Club 8209


Project: Sam’s Club 8209
Location: Fayetteville, AR
Application: Landscape Irrigation and Evaporative Condensor Make-up Supply
System(s): Two 35,000 Gallon CorGal® tanks, Model 2104 with RSCS-60 Pump Station w/ Back-up Water Supply

Project Description

This Sam’s club location captures, collects and uses most of the rainwater runoff which is used to supply drip irrigation and cooling mechanical equipment. This system will reduce the amount of city water needed by approx. 1.5 million gallons per year. Sensors located inside the tanks alert the building management system when the tanks water levels are low and automatically switches to use the city’s water system. Once the tanks fill back up with rainwater, the system switches back to using collected rainwater.

BRAE supplied the field erected two 35,000 gallon CorGal® cisterns, initial downspout filtration and a RSCS-60 pump station with constant pressure water supply and commissioned the project at completion.

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