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Case study: semiconductor manufacturing


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Okmetic Ltd., is a Finnish leader in the manufacture of silicon wafers. More than 90% of its production output is exported. Okmetic applies results from silicon technology research at its new wafer manufacturing plant. The new plant produces six and eight-inch silicon wafers for advanced microelectronic applications. It is of particular importance that significant improvements have been achieved in the variation of the thickness and flatness of wafers. The quality of silicon crystals has been improved by applying a magnetic field to the damp turbulent flow of molten silicon during crystal growth.

As in the semiconductor sector, extremely demanding conditions are intrinsic to production. WatMan’s customers often require exhaustive investigative work prior to any equipment or factory delivery. This is often the only way to proceed reliably at an existing plant.

Very detailed and clear preliminary plans, as well as the large size of the factory, were characteristics of the Okmetic project. From the very beginning the customer and its consultant had a very clear concept of the details of the desired neutralization plant. These details were complied with whenever possible.

The turnkey delivery of the neutralization plant included electrics, automation and plumbing. Identifying and mastering its role in the totality of the large factory delivery, as well as its flexibility when dealing with the customer and subcontractors formed the core of this successful project for WatMan.

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