Case study - Topsail Beach, NC - 203 North Anderson Blvd.


Stored rainwater is used to supply drip irrigation while a dry well system carries rooftop stormwater runoff below a parking area in this residential BRAE design.

Project: 203 North Anderson Blvd.
Location: Topsail Beach, NC
Application: Drip Irrigation System and Stormwater Infiltration
System(s): BRAE Complete™ Home 430 gallon cistern and a 1,170 gallon infiltration dry well

Project Description

In partnership with the Broadhurst Development Company, BRAE provided the system design and rainwater technologies for two rainwater systems with a combined capacity of 1,600 gallons. Stored rainwater is used to supply a drip irrigation system and a Matrix D-RainTank® dry well infiltrates rooftop runoff below a parking area. BRAE supplied the field erected 6,000 gallon CorGal® cistern, initial downspout filtration, 25 GPM compact pump station with constant pressure water supply and commissioned the project at completion.

BRAE supplied a Complete Home™ 430 with a 430 gallon black polyethylene (PE) cistern, Raincatch™ 12 and ECOS CPK with demand-activated water supply. The stormwater infiltration system includes 157 cubic feet (Cf) of Matrix D-RainTank® with geogrid.

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