Case study United Arab Emirates - independent water solution for agriculture


Courtesy of Trunz Water Systems AG

Environment Acengy, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

remote agriculture farm, near Al-Alin Desert

Beside of harsh climate conditions, one of the major difficulties for the agriculture farms in desert areas is access to salt-free water Most underground water resources are brackish and not suitable for irrigation. Trunz Water Systems and its local distribution partner provided a tailor-made solution to the Environment Agency who is operating a plantation near Al-Alin desert. The containerised solution contents has several advantages: all components are protected from dirt, sand and high air temperature, at times above 50 degrees. Further to this, the container unit is easy to relocate and can be locked during operation or night time. The container holds a special brackish water unit which is able to treat 1400 l/h. Thanks to the proprietary 'Pearson' energy recovery pump, the Reverse Osmosis-System is producing clean water with an exceptionally low energy consumption (approx. 2.7 kWh).

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