Case study - When my staff is happy, I am happy too!


Courtesy of DACS A/S

Emmanuel Destrijker from Plessisville, Quebec in Canada, is confident that he made the right choice when bying a DACS ventilation system for his second house for layers.

- After two years in production, I am confident that I did the right thing, Destrijker says.

Destrijker first saw the DACS system at the Eurotier show in 2010.

- The system was so different from the systems we have here in Canada, but I liked the idea about mixing warm room air with incoming air directly over the fan blade during cold and mild seasons and the blow of fresh, unmixed air during warm summer days. I knew by instinct that the system would perform well even under extreme conditions as we often have here in Canada. I was convinced the system would be able to create a stable environment in the house and through this benefit my production, so the choice was actually quite easy, Destijker says.

Never one single adjustment

All the parts shipped from Denmark and all installations were done, when the engineers from DACS arrived to start up the system in late October 2011.

- After four hours at the site the system was up and running, and has been running without any problem ever since. The system is so easy to work with and I never had to make one single adjustment during these two years, Destrijker explains.

Two years in production

It can be challenging to ventilate properly in a house with cages, but the DACS system has now been in tested for two years and it surely has passed the test.

- The biggest and the most important difference is in the “feeling” in the barn. With the other system, you feel comfortable when you are close to the fans, but with the DACS system you feel comfortable
wherever you are. In the middle row, along the wall, close to the floor or on the top of the cages, the air movement is always there. During the hot summer days, it is more comfortable inside the barn than
outside because of the constant air movement in the barn.

Visit from the feed supplier

Recently Emmanuel Destrijker had visitors from his feed supplier, Nutreco. They were a bit sceptic about the system since it has only chimneys and no inlets on the wall and no big gable end fans on the end wall for summer ventilation.

- They had never seen a system like the DACS system. They are used to quite different ventilation systems, so they went into the house with a certain scepticism. After being all over the house, they said: “We are so well everywhere in the barn”, Destrijker quotes.

Stable climate

- A stable environment brings the best out of my birds and consequently profits to my production. Even the employees are more happy to work in the DACS barn. And when my staff is happy, I’m happy too, Destrijker says with a smile.

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