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Castle Rock Vineyards Case Study


Courtesy of REC Solar

Castle Rock Vineyards is a family-owned operation that grows, packs and ships fruit around the world. As part of their commitment to their customers and the environment, they wanted to offset their carbon footprint and lower costs at their Delano, California facility by using renewable solar power.

REC Solar built a 1.13 megawatt system adjacent to the cold storage facility. The Castle Rock system was financed by Rabobank, N.A. By combining the savings from lower utility power bills with federal and state incentives, Rabobank was able to provide financing to save thousands annually after loan payments.

“REC Solar and Rabobank provided us with a feasible option for making a solid long-term business investment that is consistent with our vision of growing high-quality food using sustainable practices. The incentives and benefits outweigh the initial cost of the system.”

Al Good, Castle Rock Vineyards Owner

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