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Location: Carthage, MO
Project Start Date: 2011

Element Markets recently forged a relationship with Changing World Technologies (CWT) to market the company’s Renewable Fuel Credits. CWT uses a patented process in its Missouri facility to transform organic and agricultural wastes into renewable diesel fuel oil (RDO). The EPA designated this RDO as a biomass based diesel under the EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS2), qualifying CWT to earn a Renewable Identification Number (RIN) for every gallon of fuel they produce. A RIN is the basic unit of currency for the EPA’s RFS Program, and is also known as a Renewable Fuel Credit.

RINs are actively purchased by traditional gasoline and diesel refiners and importers in order to comply with EPA regulations dictating that renewable fuels make up a percentage of their domestic production mix. Through our extensive contacts and experience in credit markets, we manage the connection between these buyers and our client’s RINs, optimizing value for all parties and adding significant revenue to CWT’s bottom line.

“Element Markets managed our RIN sales and simplified the contracting process for us and was able to obtain a very attractive value for our credits.”

Brian Appel
CEO, Changing World Technologies

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