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Chicken slaughterhouse


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Country: U.S.
Problem: Poor final effluent quality
Product: BFL 5100HP


A chicken slaughterhouse was killing 10,000 chickens per day. Final effluent was discharged to a stream. The final effluent COD was exceeding the discharge limit of 100mg/L and as a result it had to be tankered off site and spread on agricultural land. Obviously this was costly and not sustainable as a medium to long term solution.

Wastewater Treatment System

The wastewater treatment consisted of grit and feather removal, equalization tank, roughing biotower, an anoxic tank, an activated sludge tank and secondary clarifier.


  • Final effluent COD above discharge limit
  • Poor quality biomass
  • Poor settlement

Treatment Objectives

  • Improve final effluent COD
  • Achieve discharge permit for final effluent
  • Improve health of biomass
  • Improve settlement

Treatment Programme

The biological product selected, BFL 5100HP, consists of a specialized blend of micro-organisms that efficiently biodegrade blood, protein and fats arising from the production process. It also contains good floc forming bacteria which improve settlement and the overall health of the biomass. This was to be achieved without having an adverse effect on nitrification and denitrification which were working well in the plant.

The biological treatment programme:-

Time  BFL 5100HP

Days 1 - 5 2 kg/d
Weeks 2 - 6 2 kg/wk
Thereafter    1 kg/wk

The product was dosed into the aeration tank near the inlet point.


  • Within 3 weeks of dosing the final effluent COD was consistently below 100mg/L
  • Final effluent COD reduced by 20% by bioaugmentation
  • Plant was meeting discharge limits again
  • Settlement improved
  • Biomass health was improved and stabilised
  • Off site tankering of wastewater was stopped
  • The expense of off site tankering and spreading was eliminated

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