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"Chosen Bean" cafe eliminates chemical cleaners - customers love it!

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A Melbourne cafe shows how to eliminate harmful chemicals from it's cleaning menu by adopting GenEon technology.

Food and coffee affectionado's are fully catered to without risk of chemical contamination of their favourite bean juice or nibblies.  Cleaning and sanitizing EFFECTIVELY without chemicals - how good is that?

Using the Trio unit from GenEon, Barista Stephen Coster and his sustainably focused crew at 'The Chosen Bean' keep front and back of house clean without chemicals for that fresh look and beautiful just roasted smell.

As Steve has pointed out, by cleaning effectively without impacting on the food and coffee served, customers are able to enjoy their experience here without risk of an asthma trigger being sprayed at them from a packaged chemical that would otherwise be used.  Our GenEon Trio gives us great results, is dead easy to use, and fits in beautifully with our organic and Rainforest Alliance ethos.  It's cheap to run - cheaper than chemicals!  More people should jump on this - it's good!

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