CHRIS Kids case study


The distinctive red cedar clad tank of the CHRIS Kids’ rainwater harvesting system is a visual reminder of their commitment to sustainability.

Project: CHRIS Kids
Location: Atlanta, GA
Application: Landscape Irrigation
System(s): 19,400 Gallon Eastern Red Cedar Tank with RMH-30 Rainset™

The CHRIS Kids Project collects rooftop runoff and surface water runoff. Gutter downspouts direct the roof collected water via splash blocks to a series of catch basins that channel the water to an underground concrete sump station. A float switch activates the sump and water is pumped to a primary above ground tank that stores the water until it is needed for irrigation purposes. The above ground tank (19,400 gallons) is constructed of corrugated steel with a flexible geomembrane liner. The tank is wrapped with eastern red cedar tongue and grooved boards for aesthetic reasons.

The tank was specified to be a visual feature in the landscape and is a reminder of CHRIS Kids' commitment to sustainability and water conservation. Water from the above ground tank is piped to a rainset control station housed indoors where water is metered and supplied to the irrigation system. The rainset™ controls an automatic refill makeup water supply line that feeds the tank with city water in the event no rainwater is available in the primary tank.

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