Citrus Juice Processor


Courtesy of Integrated Engineers Inc.

A large citrus juice processor was using conventional chemistry (alum as the coagulant and a cationic flocculant) to treat their wastewater. The pH has wide swings from a low of 3.0 during processing to a high of 11.5 from their sanitizing steps. Their effluent quality varied due to the pH swings and the limitation of the performance of the chemistry. A comparison of the water is shown below (note the water clarity difference).

The feed system uses the Floccin Feeder and Floccin Slurry system to inject the dry Floccin-J into a pressurized pipe. The feed system is interfaced with the Process Feed Pump for 24-hour operation. The Floccin-J is expected to save the facility over $6,000/month in surcharges paid to the local POTW.

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