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Clean drinking water? A global crisis


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The Global Crisis – a major implication affecting our water quality?


The growing population requires more food, the food needs more water- clean water is a human necessity!

By 2050 the population is estimated to grow to 9.8 billion

With 70% of the world's water used in agriculture.

The biggest challenge facing mankind is the Agricultural pollution and waste that enters our Global water supplies

The world population doubled between 1970 to 2015.

This more intensive farming with increased irrigation and the use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers are being transported to our water sources, these harmful pollutants have become a major concern to human health.

The livestock sector is growing and intensifying faster than crop production in almost all countries. The associated waste, including manure, has serious implications for water quality.

This major increase in livestock to meet the demands of today's more sophisticated dietary choices, has brought a new class of Agricultural pollutants with the use of Antibiotics, growth hormones, vaccines, these contaminants move from farms and enter the eco system and water supplies, where dangerous water borne pathogens are now a serious concern.

Some pathogens can survive for days or weeks in the faeces discharged onto land and may later contaminate water resources via runoff .

The increase in demand for food with high environmental footprints, such as meat from industrial farms, is contributing to unsustainable agricultural intensification and to water-quality degradation.

The future of agricultural activities will be a complex and a multi-diversional challenge and essential to stop the continued pollution to the world's precious water resources,

The immediate solution must to address these serious issues, accelerate the use of clean water technologies that can effectively remove the inorganic substances and contaminates caused by agricultural pollutants, to ensure the safety and sustainability of water consumed, avoiding serious illness and fatalities.

For a full understanding of the water crisis caused by Agricultural activities, see the link PDF below by the Organisations of food and agriculture of the United Nations.




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