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Client - Mushroom Production Facility, Edmonton, Canada


Courtesy of Econotherm UK Ltd

Project - Steam Boiler Water Pre-Heating
Faced with increasing energy costs this major mushroom production processor initiated a fundamental expenditure review. Rising energy costs quickly highlighted the three process boilers used to supply steam into the production process.

After an extensive feasibility study three Econotherm® gas to water (GW) units were selected to recover waste exhaust heat and pre-heat the boiler return feed circuit.

Each of the three boilers presented its own challenges in terms of flue alignments for the retrofit of the GW units and hence bespoke rather than standard models were utilised to accommodate this.

The robust and self contained nature of the units facilitated a very simple installation with only a simple insert to the flu being required and a minor re-routing of the boiler return circuit (see figure 1). The net effect was a 25% reduction in overall boiler running costs and a 15 month return on investment for the client.

Figure 1 - Simple installation of Econotherm® GW unit
The units operate virtually maintenance free and can be easily accessed for inspection and basic cleaning during the normal boiler maintenance schedules.

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