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Climate Change Interview with Burts Potato Chips


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Burts Potato Chips is a small crisp maker with big ideas on climate change. Its action plan shows you can do a lot with a small budget by investing in projects that contribute directly to your bottom line.

Here, Jonty White, Director of Burts Potato Chips, tells us how about the business case behind his company’s response. White will be speaking on this topic along with representatives from BT, Marks & Spencer, and Standard Chartered at the upcoming Corporate Climate Response event in London May 29-31.

What is Burts’ doing to respond to climate change?

Climate change has concerned us for a long time and we are continually looking at how we can make a difference to our environmental impact. We have invested about £20,000 in waste minimisation. We will be spending about £16,000 in carbon offsetting this year.

We will be planting about 2,500 trees on Dartmoor. The most exciting bit is we will be getting disadvantaged children to grow the saplings thereby helping to educate the next generation. We will be planting the trees ourselves, all our staff will be involved which will help them understand the importance of climate change.

What are some of the challenges of being a small business responding to global warming?

All investment needs to generate a return, both environmentally and to our bottom line. We also try to think creatively and approach environmental challenges from different angles such as partnerships with other businesses to help our cash flow but still achieve our objectives. More often than not operating changes can have dramatic effect.

What sort of benefits do you see from that investment?

We have seen dramatic effects to our environmental impact but also positive results from a commercial aspect.

What are you interested in learning about at Corporate Climate Response, London?

Hopefully we will learn from other businesses how we can continue to improve and maybe one or two may learn from our experiences.

Meet Jonty at Corporate Climate Response in London May 29-31

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