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CO2 GRO Inc.

CO2 Foliar Spray Effects on Flower Growth Case Study


Courtesy of CO2 GRO Inc.

Indoor use of CO2 gassing has enhanced plant yields for over 60 years. However, over 50% of the CO2 gas is typically lost through ventilation. Current greenhouse CO2 gassing levels of up to 1500 PPM are also not ideal for worker health and safety. GRO's safer dissolved CO2 foliar spray can be used by indoor and outdoor plant growers with minimal CO2 gas lost and greater plant bioavailability resulting in higher yields as shown in this case study


  • More branching & side shoots
  • Bigger, thicker leaves
  • More advanced root systems (improved nutrient transport)
  • No undue stretching of the plant
  • Commercially ready to ship 7-10 days sooner than the control flowers

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