Coffee`s new uses saves manufacturer big money - case study


Courtesy of Sustainable Resources Group, Inc. (SRG)

For over a decade Sustainable Resources Group (SRG) has provided this client with turnkey service providing beneficial re-use of residuals from the production of coffee and tea beverages.

SRG manages the use of 43,000 tons of bulk residuals and another 7.3 million gallons of liquid residuals annually.

Local land application of the plant’s wastewater treatment residuals as a liquid allowed the plant to save the cost associated with dewatering the residuals. It also diverted the waste from landfill disposal.

SRG began diverting spent grounds from landfills by finding a variety of uses for them including applying them to farmland as fertilizer, using them as an amendment in soil manufacturing  of commercially sold bagged soil and adding then as an ingredient in animal feed.

Nestle_Java_logNestle_teaSRG then found a new and innovative use for the spent grounds which brought the company even more benefits: Using the spent grounds to manufacture fireplace logs sold to consumers.

Coffee grounds have about a 14% higher BTU value than the cellulose material most often used to manufacture firewood substitutes.  SRG started taking the spent grounds from the client to a company that manufactures fireplace logs from used coffee grounds creating total cost avoidance for the client.

SRG provides the management, logistics and regulatory compliance to ensure the client with year round beneficial re-use of the manufacturing residuals. The logistics include removing residuals from the manufacturing site limited on-site storage to ensure continuous productions.

 SRG provides the permitting, nutrient management, soil testing and reporting associated with land application.

The relationship developed with this client handling residuals has expanded to other of the client’s manufacturing facilities. SRG now services two additional manufacturing facilities and is engaged in finding sustainable waste disposal options at a number of facilities.

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