Colombia: Tilapia venture doubles yields


Courtesy of Aeration Industries International (AII)

The first red tilapia farm in Colombia, South America gained government approval as a 'high priority project' due to its exportation goals. Since its start-up, production rates have doubled with the addition of AIRE-O2® aerators. Stocking densities increased from 5 to 10 animals per m 2. Dissolved oxygen (D.O.) levels increased from 2-3 ppm to 4.5-5 ppm. Production yields climbed from 30,000 kg/ha/yr to 67,800 kg/ha/yr.

'Thermal stratification, low D.O. levels and poor water mixing in unaerated ponds were problems the AIRE-O2® aerator solved,' said the technical advisor. Plans are underway to increase fish densities, using more aerators. For more information, contact Aeration Industries.

At Colombia’s first red tilapia farm, further intensification plans include using AIRE-O2® aeration.

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