Comparative Toxicokinetics of Cadmium in Artemia

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The toxicokinetics of cadmium was determined for five populations belonging to four species of Artemia (A. salina, A. parthenogenetica, A. franciscana, and A. persimilis) using a bicompartmental model. The effects of sublethal cadmium concentration on the kinetic parameters in A. parthenogenetica were determined. The BCF values are inversely related to the concentration, as is the uptake rate (ku), whilst the elimination rate (ke) constant seems to be directly related to the exposure concentration. Values corresponding to the rate of metal influx (I) remain relatively constant (0.2477 to 0.4455 μg/g.h) in the concentration range from 0.1 to 1 mg Cd/L, and are higher (1.098 μg/g.h) at an exposure to 10 mg Cd/L. The cadmium accumulation pattern seems well conserved in the genus and is characterized by a fast elimination of the metal with Ke ranging from 0.0050 to 0.0231 h−1. A. persimilis displays a different model to that corresponding to the other studied species exposed to the same cadmium concentration, presenting a low uptake rate constant (1.0564 mL/g. h) and a low BCF (211.3 mL/g).

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