Composting dairy solids with the ac composter


Courtesy of Engineered Compost Systems (ECS)

In October, ECS began conducting trials at California State University Fresno to explore using the new patent pending AC Composter system to manage dairy manure solids and comply with air-quality standards. A two-zone portable pilot system was delivered by ECS and installed at the CSUF's research dairy. This research is being conducted with funds from a USDA Small Business Innovative Research grant. The goal is to determine how well the AC Composter can meet both the demands of a dairy operation and the requirements for air emissions control in California.
Throughout the country, concern about air and water pollution from dairies is increasing. California is no exception to this, and regulation is putting more restrictions on how dairy operators can dispose of manure. These include restrictions on simple land application which can produce excessive odors and nutrient runoff into water systems. Using the AC Composter, composting of manure solids can be done on-site with a minimum of cost, space, and odor emissions. It can also produce a final product that could be recycled for bedding, sold off-site, or applied to land with fewer restrictions.

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