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Constraints to irrigation water conservation implementation

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Owing to the soil nutrients erosivity by water flow the amount of minerals of water resources differ from place to place. When the irrigation take place the water taken from reservoirs the amount of minerals found in water is measured and the crops can be cultivated accordingly. TDS meter was used in my research in the cultivating lands in Vavuniya and Mannar Districts in Northern Part of Sri-Lanka. It is a dry zone area. Many tanks are found here and from which a lot of paddy fields are being irrigated.

In my research the samples of water taken approximately between a distances of 100 meters have variation in the TDS value. Surface irrigation is being taken place from the tanks in the above areas. These tanks have cascade system. A vast difference of TDS values are found between the main tank and the cascade end tanks. Inspire of the variation of TDS values paddy cultivation in these areas paddy is being cultivated. This is not the proper way of cultivation. But the landscape and the socio-economic factors are the main causes for the cultivation of paddy in these areas.

The environmental pollution and economic loss are observed in these areas by improper application. The farmers do not have the basic knowledge in the application of fertilizer in the low lands between the main and end tanks. They have the knowledge of the application of fertilizer to the cultivating land of acreage only. They do not know the amount of fertilizer should be applied according to the amount of minerals found in the water. They have no knowledge of the   benefits of socio-economic factors. I have come to know from my research through TDS meter that the farmers apply more than the required amount of fertilizers.

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