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Content of magnesium in Ginkgo biloba leaves

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The aim of this study was to investigate the content of magnesium in Ginkgo biloba leaves and compared with those Urtica dioica. The magnesium was determined by atomic absorption spectrophotometry: Ginkgo biloba leaves contained (456 ?g/g) of Mg and Urtica dioica leaves 396 ?g/g. The concentration of magnesium in the aqueous extracts prepared from Ginkgo biloba leaves was about two-fold higher (18.16 mmol/L) than that from Urtica dioica (8.95 mmol/L). Our results suggest that the usage of Ginkgo biloba leaves in the form powder or tea might be favourable in the treatment of circulatory disorders because they contain greater amounts of magnesium than commercial extracts.

Keywords: Ginkgo biloba leaves, magnesium, chlorophyll, Urtica dioica, circulatory disorders

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