Coop Mineraloel Profits from Integrated Solution with OpenTAS® and SAP® OGSD case study


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“With the introduction of SAP® and OpenTAS®, we have achieved a level of automation for the business processes that enables us to further pursue our growth within the gas station market.” This is the positive verdict of Walter Eberle, director of Coop Mineraloel AG (CMA) in Allschwill. CMA assigned Implico with the integration of all the logistical processes concerning the gas station supply into one system, including merchandizing and supply of mineral oil products. The project’s crucial first phase, creating a high-performance infrastructure, was successfully completed on January 1,

The company currently operates around 140 gas stations in Switzerland, with a strong upwards trend. “We are still pursuing an expansion path,” explains  Jörg Berwald, head of sales and supply at CMA. The IT-system, based on AS400 and introduced 15 years ago, could not cope with these dynamics anymore. Although it was hard to say goodbye to the familiar solution which was customized to fit the specific processes – increasing maintenance problems as well as structural and
technical limitations were no longer acceptable for CMA.

The search for alternatives was short: SAP OGSD exactly met the requirements. SAP OGSD (SAP Oil and Gas Secondary Distribution) is an integrated industry software, marketed by SAP and developed by Implico. “When looking for an integrated business software, you are bound to come across SAP. There are no real alternatives in the oil and gas industry.”

Expansion of the Project Scope
In the beginning, CMA’s requirements mainly focused on implementing an integrated ERP solution. During the design phase it became clear that automating the operational logistic areas as well would entail more advantages. In addition to a quick, seamless reporting and comprehensive transparency, this also includes a highly improved data quality for the ERP system. However, such advantages can only be achieved by deeply integrating the operational processes and ensuring a high-performance communication with SAP. This is accomplished through OpenTAS. The high-end logistics solution and SAP OGSD, both developed by Implico, ensure a perfect interaction. The CMA decisively expanded the project so that Implico ultimately designed and implemented the automation solution. The speedy implementation was made possible through two parallel, closely connected project parts: the SAP and the non-SAP area.

Project Part SAP & SAP OGSD
The substitution of the legacy system and introduction of SAP started in spring. The SAP system took over the financial evaluation of operational volume flows and their correct booking. SAP OGSD, including phone server integration, now enables CMA’s sales staff to use the powerful telesales functionality, where the integrated system fully comes into its own.

Implico not only furbished headquarters with SAP OGSD, it was also implemented at the six external sales offices; all of the direct sales now goes through SAP OGSD interfaces. Operations started in January.

Project Part OpenTAS
Parallel to the introduction of SAP, Implico also implemented the automation of the operational divisions. The aim was to quickly record all volume flows and transfer these electronically to headquarters. The crucial factor for this purpose is OpenTAS®. The system receives data from connected depots, gas stations, and carriers through interfaces. That way, seamless and current status reports can be generated.

Link-Up of Gas Stations
An important part of automation is the link-up of gas stations. The stations are thereby equipped with electronic dip sticks that automatically measure the tank stock. Supplemented with meter readings, the data is then handed over to OpenTAS®. There they are consolidated and cleaned up, and transferred to the SAP® module SSR (Service Station Retailing), another IS OIL functionality implemented by Implico. This allows for the visualization of all of the gas station’s logistic and commercial processes. Thanks to the detailed and current information concerning stock, the carriers are able to reliably serve the gas stations at the optimal point in time.

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