Cooperation of agriculture and industry in France


Courtesy of EnviTec Biogas AG

Location Rohan/France

Capacity 526 kWel

In operation since 09/2010

Input materials Pig liquid manure, flotate fat, maize silage

Features Flotate fats and oils from the food industry supply approximately 75% of the energy produced. The electricity generated in the biogas plant in Rohan is sold in its entirety to the energy company EDF. The generated heat is used by the agricultural firm Le Crom itself in order to heat the fermenter of the biogas plant. In addition, the company uses the exhaust heat to dry fermentation residues and to heat the flotate fats and oils from the food industry. Flotate fats and oils account for 75% and thus the majority of the energy produced at the plant, which is also generated from manure and maize silage. The agricultural firm has established long-term contracts with farming and industrial companies from the region, who supply much of the waste materials utilised by the plant.

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