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Corrosive free compost facility for Waste Options Nantucket


Courtesy of Veldeman Structure Solutions

Veldeman’s daughter company, Universal Fabric Structures was appointed by Nantucket Waste Options to construct their aeration and biofilter structures. More then 5.500m² of TFS structures in a custom layout meet the island wind loads and provide a corrosive free environment while solving waste disposal on the island.

The biofilter will store the compost and odor control media for 2-3 years before re-sale on the market. The compost will be tilled and blended with the media only once a year. Working with non-corrosive materials limits maintenance and shut down time.

Why has Waste Options chosen for a Veldeman/Universal building?

  • Non-corrosive components - Daylight light transmission reducing operating costs
  • Complete odor control and suppression with no gaps or eaves
  • Limited reaction loads
  • Modular to refit upon growth
  • Cleaner working environment

Details of the building:

Location : Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA
Use : Bio-mass facility
Dimensions : TFS 34m x 90m, TFS 28m x 87m
Building material: Aluminium frame & high quality PVC coated membrane
Construction time: 6 months complete
Cost: 1.5 Million USD installed
Owners: Waste Options Nantucket

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