Cove Mt. Farm - stream crossing, Pennsylvania - Case Study


Courtesy of Presto Geosystems

Cove Mt. Farm, located in South Central, Pennsylvania had three stream crossings used to move livestock and farm equipment across Little Cove Creek. The 40-foot wide main crossing, located about 100 yards east of the milking center, received the most traffic. While the streambed was fairly firm at this site, an improved crossing with level footing would provide a safer crossing for the animals and have less impact on water quality.

Presto's Geoweb® system provided the stable crossing. The Geoweb® system is a plastic, honeycomb-like structure designed to hold aggregate in place, even in flowing water. An engineered hole pattern in the system's cells helps to lock aggregate in the cells and resist aggregate washout. The anchoring system connects to high strength tendons running through the length of the sections to hold the sections in place.

After preparing the site, the Geoweb® system is expanded, secured to the stream bottom, and filled with the selected size aggregate. After infilling is completed and compacted, the stream crossing is ready for use.

Geoweb® sections, 8 feet wide by 20 feet long, are shipped to the site in collapsed form, folded on pallets. Four sections, covering an area of 16 feet wide by 40 feet long, were used to create the stream crossing at Cove Mt. Farm. The sections were expanded and the side seams interleafed and stapled together, forming a single connected system. The Geoweb material is anchored to the streambed with Presto's ATRA® Anchors (ATRA® Clips attached to 1/2' rebar steel stakes), and high-strength tendons.

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