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crate molding solution


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Crate types devides into:

Standard crate with different size and function.

Bottle crate such as coca cola crate, pepsi crate, beer crate, water bottle crate.

Shapes of crate, such as folding crates, collapsible crates, one way crates,

According to what contains, crates can devided into milk crate, bread crate, fruit crate, fish crate, logistic crates (industrial crate), vegertable crate… The market gives some other names, we call turnover box, crates, big box, containers and so on.

Hereby I listed some details with dimension and it’s featured shape of crates, for our customer to see what crates we have made before, and what shapes of molds we made for all the types of crate molds.

Also, I will list some featured mold structure for crate mold. By reading my list of crate types, you will find some of the crate type falls the same type of crate that you are tending to mold. And if you are interested in any crate types, you can directly contact me for the crate molds.

We have very good experience in making crate mold with. And also these crate mold, do not only have one type of mold structure. All of them are high quality and high speed running crate molds


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