Custom DELUMPER LP Reduces Wet, Sticky Agglomerates No Other Unit Could Handle - Case Study


Courtesy of Franklin Miller Inc.


When a major global leader in agricultural products, needed help reducing wet and sticky agglomerates in a very tight plant location, Franklin Miller was ready with a custom solution.

The customer produces phosphate, nitrogen, and potash, three critical crop nutrients and provides fertilizer to growers worldwide to make their crops thrive, so they can produce more high-quality food to meet the growing global demand.

When the company began having problems with their phosphate production, causing the material to agglomerate and clog their equipment, they knew they would have to find a solution. Acid and ammonia are added to phosphate to make it granular, causing the material to be sticky and wet and prone to agglomerates as it transfers into the DELUMPER, which reduces the size of the lumps.

“Because of these sticky lumps and agglomerates, we had a lot of down time in the plant. Our processes were interrupted, and it was just a mess,” said the company’s project manager.


Franklin Miller engineers designed a crusher for the customer’s phosphate production. This custom DELUMPER  model LP employed 5 shafts to reduce sticky and wet agglomerates and handle the high volume of material effortlessly, something no other machine could do.

One of the most important properties to the folks at the plant was being about to maintain the machine in place, and the 5-shaft DELUMPER LP allows them to do that. Franklin Miller engineers employed in the design special split bearings and seals to allow for easy independent removal of each shaft.

“The accessibility to replace parts without moving the machine was a key aspect for us. We can easily replace or service one shaft or another without changing the other shafts, or without removing the machine from operating. It has really increased productivity when we need to do maintenance.”

After leaving the DELUMPER, the material goes into the dryer and screens. Any out of spec solids are sent back through the entire process and run through the DELUMPER again.


DELUMPER LP Crushers reduce hard or soft, heat sensitive, sticky or wet agglomerates and lumps at high volume. These straight-thru units employ extended cutting teeth that rotate completely through a heavy bar cage. Oversized solids up to the unit’s full input opening size are reduced by this powerful processor. With each rotation, the teeth clean the slot openings making the unit automatically self-clearing. Optional hardfacing is available.

“The DELUMPER has made such a huge difference in our process. It’s easy to maintain in place which means less downtime for our plant and more product yield. The DELUMPER is an invaluable part of Agrium’s phosphate production.”


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