Dale City fire department case study


Courtesy of Lindsay Corporation

To completely eliminate municipal water usage for irrigation and attain LEED certification at the Dale City, Virginia Volunteer Fire Department's new Station 10 facility.

Site Specifications & Known Requirements:

  • Harvested water usage to be 100% irrigation.
  • Maximum irrigation cycle: 3600 gallons
  • Tank location: Under turf in planted area
  • Desired tank size: 11,000 gallons
  • Roof square footage: 13,500
  • 1' rain event yield: 7,700 gallons.
  • Average rainfall March - November: 28.5'
  • Maximum collected rainwater March - November: 220,000 gallons
  • # of irrigation cycles possible: 61

Dale City Fire Station #10 designed their irrigation system to run solely on rainwater. Their decision to cut the municipal water usage for irrigation by 100% earned them the maximum LEED points available for irrigation water conservation.

The Sky Harvester's tank level controls automatically enable and disable the system based upon how many gallons of water are in the tank at a given time. This system is unique because it re-enables itself based upon rainfall. Their system contains 100 micron automatic filtration to prepare the water for standard drip irrigation.

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