Detection of carbendazim in milk


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MATRIX: Milk, homogenized

ANALYTE: Carbendazim, a metabolite of benomyl

RANGE OF DETECTION: 5 to 100 ppb

Benomyl/Carbendazim RaPID AssayÒ Kit and Sample Diluent. Reagents: Methanol (pesticide grade), glacial acetic acid, distilled or deionized water. Equipment: 15 mL polypropylene centrifuge tubes (graduated and conical) with screw caps, disposable glass test tubes, scissors. Clean-up column: Multisep Column (part no. 2217, 50/pkg, Romer Labs Inc., Union, MO.)

Prepare 100 mL of 75% methanol / 2% acetic acid in distilled or deionized water (75 mL methanol + 2 mL of glacial acetic acid + 23 mL water). Pipette 1 mL (1 g) of milk into the 15 mL centrifuge tube. Add 1 mL of the methanol/acetic acid solution. Vortex the tube for 30 seconds. Dilute the sample to the 10 mL volume mark with distilled or deionized water, cap the tube, and vortex for 30 seconds. Using a scissors, carefully trim 1 inch off of the Multisep Column's plastic tube (open end). Transfer 2 mL of the milk mixture to the glass sample tube of the Multisep Column. Perform sample clean-up by carefully inserting rubber stopper of the plastic tube into the glass sample tube and depress toward the bottom of the glass tube until sufficient sample has been forced through the column (approximately 2 mL). Into a clean polystyrene test tube, place 0.5 mL of Sample Diluent and 0.5 mL of the filtrate, and vortex.

ANALYSIS: Analyze the diluted filtrate according to the package insert for the Benomyl/Carbendazim RaPID Assay.

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