Detection of chlorothalonil on snow peas


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MATRIX: Snow pea pods

ANALYTE: Chlorothalonil

RANGE OF DETECTION: 5 to 250 ppb

Chlorothalonil RaPID AssayÒ kit and Sample Diluent. Reagents: methanol (pesticide grade). Equipment: 125 mL HDPE bottles with screw caps, 13 x 125 mm glass test. tubes, serological pipets, micropipet (100 mL), vortex mixer, scale or balance.

Weigh a sample of whole snow pea pods (approximately 20 grams) into a 100 mL bottle. Add a volume (in mL) of methanol equal to twice the weight (in grams) of the snow pea sample (approximately 40 mL). Shake for about 30 seconds. Allow particulates to settle for 3 minutes.

Carefully transfer 100 mL of the methanol extract to a glass test tube containing 2.4 mL of the Chlorothalonil Sample Diluent (a 1:25 dilution). Vortex to mix thoroughly. Analyze the diluted extract as the 'sample' according to package insert of the RaPID Assay.

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