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Developing of DLI (Daily Light Integral) and Spectrum Control Systems for Scientific Cultivation in Agriculture


Abstract: This study presents a DLI (Daily Light Integral) and Spectrum-Based Scientific Cultivation Control System (DAS) Development, Design and Application of Luminaire. Effective planning and monitoring of the environmental conditions of plant growth have vital importance in terms of efficiency and control. Nowadays, beyond the control systems that are mainly focused on climate and fertilization, providing control of the quality and quantity of light plays a key role in terms of productivity and quality. From this perspective, In order to strengthen growing process or to manipulate positively, the amount and spectral properties of the light for the lack of / need for status enhancing plant growth by simulated or definition of scenarios for certain wavelength resolution to develop to be controlled aiming methods and technology will be managed by a control system DAS that is the main focus of the research and development of the study. Thanks to DAS, It will be possible to manage and control the greenhouse by modern agriculture techniques and maintain all of the growing process within the specified conditions and with determining the limiting factor of the plant breeding. Thus, The System will also provide a remedy for the further studies on the growing conditions of the plants in the greenhouses, either directly or indirectly affecting by the geographic or the climatic situations (insufficient amount of light, the wavelength of the light is not sufficient to affect the growth process, etc..).

… 3.First the intensity and quality of the sun is measured. It uses APOGEE-SQ110 quantum sensor and STELLARNET-BLACKCOMET spectrometer. Then, it performs control operations according to the control unit plant DB and hardware DB.

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