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Disposal of De-Icing Effluents By Irrigation

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At Zurich Airport (Switzerland) alcohols, as well as urea in small quantities, are utilized for de-icing in order to maintain the air traffic during winter. To purify the accumulated de-icing effluents a new, groundbreaking, cost-effective (investment and maintenance) method was developed which has been successfully applied since winter 2000/2001. The de-icing effluents are irrigated onto the surrounding green areas and decomposed by microorganisms in the soil in a natural way.

By monitoring the drainage and groundwater, the water flow and Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) is under observation and continuously measured. Only 5 out of 834 samples exceeded the limit of 20 mgDOC/l during winter 2003/04, whereas the legal regulation permits that 20% can exceed it. The average carbon degradation performance of the previous four years lay between 98.3 and 99.8%.

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