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Durability performance of RUHTCC beam under flexural load


Aiming at design issues of strictly anti-cracking structures or aseismic design in crucial locations of structures when using ultra high toughness cementitious composite (UHTCC), investigations on flexural behaviour of reinforced UHTCC (RUHTCC) members are carried out by virtue of excellent crack dispersion and strain energy absorption abilities of UHTCC. According to elastic theory, theoretical calculation of moment and curvature is detailedly presented. Then experiment on RUHTCC beams without web reinforcement is performed to verify theoretical equations. There is a good agreement between test results and theoretical calculation. The safe calculated ductility index can be used to predict ductility of structures. Compared with reinforced concrete beams, UHTCC can delay yielding of reinforcements and improve load bearing capacity and ductility of structures, then steel is saved. Durability of structures will be significantly improved by using UHTCC instead of concrete.

Keywords: ultra high toughness cementitious composites, UHTCC, ductility, durability, crack width, load-bearing capacity, flexural loads, reinforced composites, crack dispersion, strain energy absorption, structural engineering

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