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EagleView Golf - GIS for Golf course management and design case study


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Imaging and mapping services that give you an edge. High quality imaging and mapping can be a great asset to golf course designers and operators. Attractive photography, video, and mapping of the terrain and features at each hole are important for marketing, and can give crucial insight to members looking to improve their game. For course architects, our experienced GIS experts can provide you with aerial imaging, 2D mapping, slope analysis, volume data, and reporting using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), in less than half the time that ground-based surveying would take. What is more, UAV-based information provides a new depth of insight and increased accuracy (resolution to 10cm), giving you the data you need to efficiently design a top-notch course. Service packages are solutions-focused and tailored to your site's unique features and your imaging needs.

Services Available

  • High-Res Aerial Imaging : Utilizing UAV to capture aerial photos and video of courses for promo and marketing
  • Topographic Mapping : Detailed 2D and 3D maps of holes and course layout, customized for your needs
  • Data For Course Design : Analysis of environmental features, fill volumes, slopes, irrigation, and terrain
  • Engineering Support : Course mapping and design, environmental constraint analysis by Qualified Persons

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